Sunday, February 18, 2018

Easter Cross Cards

 As usual I've been in my crafty room and this
time it's a FREE svg cutting Easter Cross card.

Isn't this simply Gorgeous!
This is Bird's sample card that she made and is offering it FREE
to everyone.  I love the yellow card
base and the all white Cross and background with the pretty lilies.

Click on the link below to get this file.

First up is my purple and gold card. I cut the Cross out of shiny Gold paper and
backed it with purple cardstock. For the background I used a pretty purple leaf pattern.
Gorgeous card and perfect for Easter and other occasions.

Next up is my soft green and gold card. I used the gold flower cutouts
from my goldcross above to add a little sparkle and also cut the flowers
in various colors.
For the background and leaves, I used a Anna Griffin embossing folder.
  I added a sheer white bow under the flowers.
Simply elegant!

I used the Cricut  "Wildflowers" paper
pack. I bought them when they were on sale, plus I used Melody Lane's
10% code. This is the first I've used Cricut paper and I love it. It's beautifully
textured and a nice weight for cards and also any 3d projects. It also cuts
beautifully with the Cricut Maker, Sizzix Eclips2 and Explore.
Great papers!!
Snag it when it goes on Sale!
You can view the papers by clicking on the links below.


I also picked up this Hello Kitty's soooo cute!
I'm not sure what I'll make with it. Do you have any suggestions?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
"Hello Kitty"

Up last is my white embossed card. Again, I used an Ann Griffin folder to
emboss the background and a simple purple sheer bow.
 After seeing Lee's finished cards, I've added Pearls
to the flowers and cross to give it a touch of elegance. Thanks to Lee, I've
added gems to my other cards also.
Beauty and simplicity all in one card!

That''s it my friends for another crafty collection.
Hope that I've inspired you today.
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Truly- Madly- Deeply- Valentine Heart Lantern- Lips Box- Ornate Cards

Hello my crafty friends. I hope that everyone that had that flu
is well again by now.  Your well wishes really helped lift me up.
Thank you all!
I'm back to normal and have been crafting this gorgeous
Valentine heart lantern and cards by Bird's collection,
"Truly, Madly, Deeply"
It's simply divine!

You can get the collection by clicking on the link below.
And it comes with a step by step tutorial. How cool is that!

Up first is this lovely heart lantern that I cut out on my Cricut Maker, 
using white cardstock. I embossed the top lid with a dotted pattern. The
butterflies were in my stash that I bought a long time ago at the goodwill 
and knew that someday I would have good use for them. 
For the middle heart, I embossed it with Anna Griffin Aviary Cricut
Cuttlebug folder. I love this folder and it's the first time using it. 
I think it turned out perfect, wouldn't you agree.
 Since I used velum and it is pretty thin, I cut another heart out and
glued them together.
So pretty when the light shines through!

Side view and closeup of the pretty hearts going up the sides. I put a
multi colored led light in it and it's so beautiful at night and also during
the day. Quite fun and easy to assemble watching the tutorial.
Gorgeous lantern!

Close up of the pretty embossed bird on velum. There were some spots that kind
of tore and that's why I glued a second plain layer of velum behind it.
I love how it turned out!

This is Bird's Ornate framed love card from the collection.
I love how the envelope matches the card. So lovely!

Up next is this lovely ornate framed card all done in blue willow
and white. I used the Blue Rose Cottage from The paper studio that
I got from Hobby Lobby awhile back and I simply love this pack.
I added pearls and a florescent heart to the middle that could be
used for Mother's day or actually any occasion.
Very easy to assemble and is a gorgeous card to send to a special
friend or loved one.

Up next is my pretty pink and black card. Do you notice anything
different on this card? Well, I got distracted by my little pup, Katie
and I glued the roses in reverse. lol
And, when I pop dotted it, I put it on upside down.
I couldn't change the glued one, but I was
able to pop it off to turn it around. Whew! Thank you, Katie! haha

I also cut the love out in white, but also cut it in black and white
polka dots. I wanted the top to be in white and bottom dotted to
give it a different effect.
Hope you like the finished card. I think it turned out great.

Up last is my special card with a cameo in the center. This would make
a lovely Mother's Day card for anyone to be proud of and a keepsake for sure.
I used Graphic 45 paper with two shade of Lilac. I glued only the
black letters on this one, so that's why the "O" is smaller. The paper
was so pretty that I didn't want to cover it up with the full piece.
There are so many colors and patterns to make this lovely card very special.
 The picture doesn't do it justice, it's soooo pretty in person.

I wanted to thank, Bird for her gluing tip in her tutorial, while she glues
 the roses on. I've never thought of putting glue on that way.
If you haven't watched her video, you should watch it for sure.
 Great tip!

How about this adorable Free collection!!
Soooo adorable!!
Yes, it's All Free svg cutting files from Bird's!

Grab this Freebie by clicking on the link below.

That's it my friends for another crafty day.
Hope your weekend was great!
I hope that I inspired you once again.
Please let me know which card is your favorite.

Mine is the Blue willow! :) 

Friday, January 26, 2018

PUPPY KITTY and FROG Oh MY~Valentine Heart Box Too

Peeking puppy Kitty and Frog!
Hi again my crafty friends! Just peeking in with these adorable
Valentine sweetie's. While looking through my saved svg files, I 
came across these sweet little cuties in Miss Kates folder. I always
look for her Free files each week and file them away for a rainy day, so 
to speak. These adorable cuties are layered and glued to make a 3d effect.
 All three really went together quite quickly.

This is a Snoopy Magnet!
 I've added magnets to the backs of some, so you can place it on your fridge
or anything metal. I cut 3 layers and one in poster board to make them sturdy.

In fact, I made this adorable Snoopy with a heart for my
puppy groomer after she told me that Katie nipped her mom's finger when she
 reached in the cage to get her.
I felt so bad and just had to make her something to cheer her up.
The front of her reception desk has metal and Snoopy was
 the perfect place for everyone to enjoy.
I think she Loved it!

As for Katie, she's in the doghouse! lol
Oh those puppy dog eye's!
I think she just got scared, but she is a little nippy at times.

You can get these cuties and more files from Miss Kates site below.
They are only 50 cents now and some are even less.
If you sign up for her email, you can get one Free each week.
Beautiful files and designs that cut perfectly on any cutting machine.
She's so talented and happy to share her Free files with everyone.

Valentine Puppy

Cute Valentine Kitty

Cute Frog

Up next is this sweet little kitty. She's ready to share her
Valentine with someone special. I pop dotted her cheeks and body.
Fill the box with goodies or small gift
and she will bring a smile for sure.

Up next is this cutie that will brighten anyone's day.
Fast and easy to make.
I love them all!

This is a Cricut Design Space Access Freebie. In DS type  "Key Hole Heart Box".
This is so quick and easy to assemble and can be used for any treat
or small gifts. It cuts in one piece and very simple to make. If you don't
have Design Space, I'm sure you could google heart boxes and find one
that is suitable.

How about a Freebie Arrow Heart shape!
Click on the link below

This is Free from Miss Kate


That's it for another fine crafty day.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Butterfly Pop Up Wing CARDS Graphic 45

Just fluttering in with this Gorgeous Butterfly Pop up card by Bird.
The timing was just right for me, since I've been down with
the flu and coughing my head off for weeks right after Christmas. I've not been sick
like that for probably 15 years. Yep, it got me! :( 
I hope everyone is well and didn't contact the flu this year.

I saw Birds pretty Butterfly card really early this morning on Facebook. 
That's all it took for me
to get back to what I love and that's CRAFTING.
Thanks, Bird for your inspiration and beautiful creations.
Bird is sharing this Gorgeous file FREE on her blog.

Click on the link below to get the file.

First up is my favorite, delicious Butterfly pop up card.  I simply
love Graphic 45 papers (Time To Flourish Collection)  They cut just like butter 
on my Cricut Maker cutting machine.
This card was sooo easy and quick to put together that I couldn't
just stop at one. lol 
Gorgeous cards for most any occasion.
Definitely a WOW card!!

Up next is also a favorite of mine,because I Love Roses. Yes, I'm
called the Rose lady on my street. I have roses surrounding
my home and even in my backyard. When they bloom
they filled my home with delicate fragrances.
For this card I used Graphic 45 Children's Hour Collection.

Up next is a very sweet one using Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiments collection.
For this card, I used the dotted lilac on the reverse side of the paper to give it
contrast. Although this gorgeous design would be beautiful in
any paper choices. 
Quick easy and fun Butterfly pop up card to make!
And the best part is, I can imagine all those happy faces receiving them.

That's it my crafting friends, showcasing these lovely
 butterfly pop up cards and inspiration.
Hop on over to Birds blog to get this beautiful card file.
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Heirloom 3D Illuminated Paper/Ceramic Christmas Tree svg

Just popping in before Christmas to show you this Amazing 3D
Heirloom Illuminated Christmas Tree. 

This gorgeous kit is from Mary's collection.

You can get it by clicking on the link below 

Remember the vintage ceramic trees that every mom had?
Well, my mom was one of them. lol Yes, we had a white ceramic
tree just like this one and also a pretty green one.
I don't have them any longer, but we enjoyed them for many
years. In fact, I still have a handful of the tiny colored lights
that I happened to found in my craft room. :)
Yes, I don't throw anything out! lol

First up is my white tree that I made using my Sizzix Eclips2 and
it cut out like a dream. I used the Eclips2, first, because my daughter got it for
 me over the Thanks Giving Holiday. Second, because the score lines would cut
 lines for easier folding. Third, because it was brand new. The machine
 cut the glitter paper sooo fast and sooo perfect. I have the Cricut ExploreAir2
and also the Cricut Maker and will see how it cuts in Design Space, especially
the score lines.

It took lots of folding and plenty of glue. I've made many 3d projects 
from Mary's kits, but this was a new challenge for sure. And especially since
I picked out white glitter card stock that didn't want to stay glued.
Yes indeed, this is not for a beginner or faint at heart.
But, it's soooo worth it when you stand back and watch it
sparkle and glow.
I bought a set of led lights with a remote, so you change the colors.
Mary, suggests a plug in candle light, but I really enjoy all the colors.

A few pics of the different colors below.
It is sooo pretty in green.

Blue is so beautiful!

In lilac that matches my Cricut ExploreAir2 :) 

Reminds me of cotton candy!
I just couldn't stop clicking it on and off. haha

Turquoise is so cool.

Yes, all the patience and hard work paid off. For Christmas, I'll be
giving this gorgeous tree to my daughter. She will be so surprised
and I know she will have fun turning it off and on and watching
it sparkle during the day and especially at night.

Sooooo, since I'm going to be missing this super pretty 
tree, I'm going to be patient and start the hard work again, so I can
once again enjoy turning that little remote on and off. :)

Well folks, I hope that I didn't scare you with all the work
details to make this gorgeous tree. Just think of it this way,
it will be a cherished Heirloom Christmas tree for many year, 
and each time you click on those lights, it will be so enchanting. 
That's called Labor of Love!
Hey, I may have enough patience to make one for everyone
in my family......well, I'll have to think about that one. haha
Maybe if I had Four hands, one to hold it place and one to glue. lol


This Super fun FREE Christmas collection is from Mary at

click on the link below for the FREE svg's

That's it for many long days and nights in my crafty room.
I do hope that you make one of these gorgeous tree.
You will be glad you did!
I challenge you to make one and share it on Facebook or my page.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful and safe Holiday
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah


Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Leather/Faux Journals and Holiday cards

Hello again my friends. 
Yes, I'm in my craft room and I'm having
so much fun making all these lovely journals and cards for my
family and friends for the Holidays. 

This heart rose gold leather Journal cutting file is being offered 
from Jennifer Maker over on her blog here. 

Plus, each day she has special Christmas cutting files and surprises each day
that she shares with everyone.

 She's so sweet and very talented.
Take a look and you will be amazed.

Up first is the journal that I made using Faux leather from
Everyone will love these! So quick and easy to make.
I used real leather for the bow and think it adds contrast.
Love love Cricut Faux Leather!
Jennifer used Real leather for her journal and it looks super. But, if you
don't have that, you could use most any material.

Amruta Tengase suggested sewing the journal paper up the middle. 
I used this gold metallic multi colored thread.

 I've never sewn on paper before, but it worked like a charm. 
I also used thin gold ribbon to hold the papers into place.

Up next is this pretty heart cutout Holiday card from white card stock. 
The only thing I changed from the original Faux leather journal were
the holes to hold the journal papers and to close it. I just used Contour in 
Design Space to edited them out.
 So fun!

Up next is my Silver Faux leather journal. I used a papered paper
on top of the white inside inserts to give it a different look. 
I love how it turned out! 
This one will be going to my daughter in Washington, because
I think she will love the color and silver Faux leather.

Up next is a Christmas tree card using white card stock again and
adding a green patterned paper to the back. A few jewels and some
pretty bows make this a gorgeous card indeed. So quick and easy
to make. You can use any Stencil or cutout for this project. Test 
with paper first to be sure it will cut right. 
Most of all have FUN!

Up next is my blue Faux leather journal. I was so inspired with
my first heart journal that I thought...hmmmm how could I make each
one different. I found this Angel in Design Space in Access under 
"A Quilted Christmas". As I'm writing this I see that when I used Contour, I
took off her right hand. lol Well, that could be part of her wing, right? haha
The Faux leather cuts like a dream with the New Cricut Maker.

Up next is the Angel card, but it's not finished yet. I'll add some
gold ribbon up the side. On the card, you can really notice the 
one hand missing. ;( I may just cut another one if I have time.

Up last is my favorite card! 
I just happened to buy foil bags last year and
thought how pretty this would be in different colors. I cut each foil piece out
and glued them with Glossy accents behind the white card base. 
Regular glue won't hold the foil.
I then added white card stock to over it all, so it was finished.
For the inside I cut red foil the length of the card and added white card stock
 for the  sentiment in the middle.
 I love how this turned out! 

Thanks Jennifer Maker for the inspiration and Free file.

Click on the link below to get the Heart Journal and more FREE
I hope that I've inspired you today.

That's it for another crafty day my friends.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Christmastime Gingerbread House Cards 3D Christmas Trees

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, soon the Bells will ring.
Yes, it's that time of year again my friends. 

This is Birds 3D gorgeous white Christmas tree that comes in her
complete collection for your Holiday crafting.
You can get this 3D Christmas Tree, plus the Gingerbread House Clock 
and Hanging Mistletoe, by clicking on the link below.

REAL Working Clock Gingerbread House!!
Yes, it's a real working clock and it also lights up.
See pic below!
Isn't this simply Gorgeous!
This is on my list to make, because I Love clocks!
What a wow keepsake or gift!!

Oh and don't forget the Mistletoe!!
Every house needs a little Mistletoe hung above the door, right? Add
a colorful bow or twine and you have this sweet decor for the
Holiday season.
Enjoy those Kisses and Hugs!!!

Click on the link below for the "Christmastime Collection By Bird"

First up is this pretty Green 3D Christmas tree and Gingerbread House
card. The tree was so easy and quick to assemble that I just couldn't
resist making more. For the Silver 
star I cut glitter vinyl and put it on 
both the front and back. Added pearls and a gem. 
This cute tree can be taken apart by 
just taking all the branches off, since they
are not glued. Just store in a plastic container or
bag to use year after year.  

The darling Gingerbread House card was also easy and fun
 to make. And it has a perfect matching envelope.
  I placed little Gingerbread stickers and gems. You can make these 
cute cards or have your family join in the fun for someone 
special on their list.

This is Birds Pretty Gingerbread House card in soft pink.
Love the matching envelope!

Up next are Red and pink Candy cane Gingerbread House
card and matching tree. So fun and quick to make for your
Holiday gift giving. I think I'll make them in the
colors of the rainbow for all my family to enjoy. In fact
I may just cut them out and let them pick and mix
all the colors so they can make their very own special tree. 
So fun!

 Next up is my Blue and White Christmas tree and matching card.
I think this one is so pretty and looks like a winter wonderland. This set
could be given for Christmas or Hanukkah, since it's in the blues. You
may replace the star with a six sided one if you wish. I also used Gold glitter
vinyl for the star and gems. Beautiful collection!

How about a Fabulous Freebie today!!

Free Bundle Box from Bird!
For all your Holiday gift giving.
Click on the link below

That's it my friends for another crafty day.
I hope that I've inspired you to start your Holiday crafting soon with
this beautiful collection.
Happy Crafting!