Saturday, July 8, 2017

Route 66 Box Card Plus Tackle Box Card

Everyone likes memories, right!
Let's take a road trip along memory lane today.
This box card is from Mary's over at and is in the
Travel the World collection below.

But, first up is a story about my delicious peaches!

It's another Hot day here in Apple Valley, CA!! It's reached 120 during
the last month and expected to stay that way for awhile. Whew! So
glad I don't have to be out in that heat. All my peach and apple trees are
dropping fruit like crazy and guess who picks them up. Yep, little ole
me, but I get up extra early while it's cool and begin my work.

I remember my sister telling me that I needed to plant fruit trees years back.
Well, she lives in Arizona and doesn't have a clue what she created here.
I should have only planted "ONE" fruit tree!!! And, maybe NOT 14 trees.
Oh well, at least my work is not in vain and the fruit is
really delicious, plus all my neighbors and
students LOVE me. 
Oh and don't forget the birds! ;)

Are you ready to start crafting?
This box card will surely delight all the travel and car lovers.
I made this box card a few years back and thought I would
share it here with you today. It's a really fun and easy card to make
for guys or dads or even gals that love old cars.
The link is at the top of the page.

Speaking of old cars, my son built his first Yellow Camaro while he
was in high school and still drives it to work today.
His car was featured in the Car magazine.

This is a picture of his Yellow Camaro.
I remember when he started with an empty shell back then in Anaheim Hills
and  he still cherishes his car like it's his baby, even though his babies have
graduated from high school and college. lol
 I also remember when he used to drive it up the hill and get tickets every time.
Now I could see him getting a ticket going down the hill, but Not up the hill. lol
Maybe it was because he had loud pipes and the officer could hear him coming. haha

Up next while we are on that journey, is this really cool and unique
Tackle  box card from also
Super fun card and will be sure to please the fisherman out there.

This Tackle box card came in the collection "Sunday With Dad" from The Tackle box does take a little time to cut and
assemble, but it's well worth your effort.

Mary has created some really awesome box cards in this kit. Who
wouldn't want that Large Hamburger and cool beer or soda box card!
They are definitely a Wow card for sure.
You can get this kit below.

I used green textured paper for the base and brown textured paper
for the panels. I also use the Cricut blue Holographic vinyl
for the lure. It's really cool in person since it changes colors.
I also added a Tim Holtz brass pull to the front of the handle. This
was a fun and yes time consuming project, but I love how it turned out. 

In eCal I created the cutout Happy Birthday and made a shadow layer.
Gotta love my eClips machine and my Cricut Explore Air2 for all
my cutting needs. The best of both worlds! ;)

How about a Free svg file from

Click on the link below!

That's it for another crafty day my friends.
I hope I've inspired you today and you enjoyed viewing all these super cards.
Plus a little taste of my fruit trees. :)
Have a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GIANT Sunflower and Card Plus FREEBIES

Hi my crafty friends.

It's summertime and you know what that means, flowers are blooming. Also
all my fruit trees are bearing delicious fruits. I've picked all my plums and
boy do they taste delicious. My apricot tree has a bushel of fruit and even
enough for my little birdies to enjoy. In another couple of weeks my
apples and peaches will be ready for harvesting. I have lots of happy neighbors
and friends that will enjoy eating them.

I just had to share this beautiful 17 inch Sunflower that was created by
Jennifer Maker. She has been so kind to make a tutorial and share her file
with everyone.
Click on the link below to get the FREE Sunflower!

I made this pretty Sunflower with 8.5 x 11 light and dark cardstock.
It's simply amazing to look at, hanging on my wall with all it's glory.
The brown and black center is cut in one piece and easily layered with adhesive spray.
Jennifer's tutorial guides you step by step to your finished Sunflower.
She suggests hot glue, but I used Linco glue with great success.

  This up close picture is memorizing for sure.
It really didn't take long to make and would be a WOW gift for
anyone to receive. I love mine on my wall! :)

Of course I needed a Sunflower card, when I send the Giant sunflower
to a friend. So, I made this with a silhouette of a sunflower and added
a few delightful elements to the card. For the sentiment, I had picked up a
couple of dyes at Hobby Lobby on sale last week and knew I would need these
some day. Well, the friends was perfect. Gotta love my Big Shot machine
for quick and easy sentiments.

Here is another FREE file from Jennifer Maker.
Paper rolled Daisy

Click on the link below to get the Daisy file.

This is Jennifer's creation! Isn't it beautiful!!
You can mix and match your colors of papers to create this
lovely wreath. And the best part is, the svg file is FREE
Plus a great step by step tutorial.

Super fun and easy to make for summer d├ęcor or any other season.

That's it folks for another day of crafting.
Have a beautiful week and I hope that I've inspired you today.

Happy crafting!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fantasy Foals Unicorn Suspension Cards/ Easel Card

Come along with me on a Unicorn Fantasy journey with this spectacular
collection by Bird.
Click on the link below to get this beautiful collection.

Hey there my crafty friends!
Yes, it's another fun day in my craft room creating
these magical creations. So many gorgeous creations to choose from!
This is Birds display of her Unicorn Easel card and envelope.
I love how the envelope matches and the soft glittered colors of the rainbow
and mane on the Unicorn. Lovely card!

First up is my enchanting Unicorn Easel card. Yes, it stands
so proudly for a gorgeous display. A fun and easy card to make
with Bird's video tutorial to guide you from start to finish.

This is Birds Unicorn Suspension card with matching envelope.
Simply stunning!

Next up are two Unicorn suspension cards. I just had to use my lavender
and white glittered paper for my first card. 
This is a pic of the card closed.

The white glistens so pretty and when the Unicorn spins, its magical.
When your recipient receives this unique card, it will spin
so elegantly and glisten on every turn. 
Truly a cherished treasure to display in any home.

Up next is my pretty pink Unicorn card.
This a pic of it closed. I used the oval from the card base for the insert.
 I just received my textured WILDFLOWER pack of 24, 12 x 24  papers from
The sale is going on right now, but I'm not sure when it will be over.

This is my first time using Cricut paper and I simply Love it. 
It cuts like butter, is textured and the weight is 80 lbs. Perfect for all
my crafting, including 3d projects.
You don't have to own a Cricut machine to buy this paper and it cuts
beautifully in most cutting machines.

If you use the code MELODYLANE you will receive 15% off and
FREE shipping, plus if you have Cricut access 10% more off
and 10% more if you have Cricut Circle.

That makes each 12 x 12 sheet about 14 cents.
WOW! I just couldn't pass this deal up.
Quality paper for sure!

Click on my link below to check it out.

I love how unique and elegant this card looks when finished. So fun
to make and would make a great surprise for someone special on your
list for sure.

Notice the envelope matches my Unicorn? You can mix and match.
There many ways you can create this beautiful collection using printed
or designed papers and colors.

How about a FREE svg from Dreaming Tree?
The Sunny tote is a must for all your summer gifts.
Click on the link below, then click on Free Downloads to
see All of Dreaming Tree's Freebies.

That's it folks for another crafty week.
Hope that I've brought some magic to your day and a
smile on your face.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend my friends!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Pansies Springtime Box Card & FREE Butterfly Pop Up Card

Yes, it's beginning to look like Springtime here in Apple Valley. All my
flowers are in full bloom, but they are not sure if it will rain or shine.
 One day it reached 120 and the next it was below 60 with thunder
and lightening. Strange weather this year for sure.

Good thing for sure and always welcoming is crafting to make you smile.

Today I made this gorgeous Pansies flower pot box card. So fun to make
with so many beautiful colors to pick from. Mary has a step by step
video tutorial that makes these super easy to assemble.
Check the video below to view the trailer.
Gorgeous creations!!

Springtime Box Cards
Get the whole collection!
I belong to Mary's affiliate program.
Buying through the link above is no cost to you!
And that makes you awesome!!
You will need to type in the search bar (Springtime Box Cards).

Mary's having a sale right now. Get this whole kit FREE with a purchase.
So if you decide to get the Pansies box collection and more, you will
receive her NEW kit FREE. WOW! Great deal!
Her cutting files are the BEST! I've been following her for many years
and with her video instructions you'll have winners every time.

The Pansies box card is so delightful and pretty. A very unique card
for someone special on you list and will be sure to please. The inking
is done with Tim Holtz distressed inks on the edge. For the Pansies center
I used  Tim Holtz distressed markers. The brads are some I had in my stash
and were the perfect touch. You can mix and match these pretty pansies to
create a totally different look. Super box card.

It folds up beautifully to fit inside Mary's envelope. Yes, she includes the
envelope. Gorgeous card and a treasure.

This is the one I made for my dear friend as a thank you card. I mailed
it out before I had a picture of it with the Thank You on front.
I'm sure she will be surprised when she receives it. :)

 Up next is the very unique and gorgeous Butterfly pop up card.
This beauty came from Jennifer Maker and she is sharing the
completely free svg and Design Space files for everyone to enjoy.
Just sign up to receive lots of Free files.
Get the FREE Butterfly Pop up Card!!
Click on the link below and then click on Start here to read all about her.

She has step by step instructions on her website.
You will love this Free Butterfly card!!
So easy and fun to make!
I simply love the fluttering wings when you open up this card.
It's soooo delicate and pretty and sure to be a charmer for anyone
that receives it. Oh, and she has a Monarch Butterfly card also FREE.
Please leave a little love on her blog and mention Misty sent you. She
will be so happy that you stopped by and you will be too.

That's it folks for another day in my crafty room!
I hope that you enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things you can
create with your cutting machines.
I had to have Both machines!! The Sizzix has offline software
 and the Cricut has online software. I love them both!!!
And, if you haven't already
purchased either a Sizzix Eclips or Cricut Explore machine. I
have a couple of links on the sidebar.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me by clicking
on the typewriter on the right side bar.
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs Misty

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Picture Perfect Frames & Shadow Boxes & Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2

This is my NEW Lilac Cricut Explore Air 2!!
Isn't it soooo pretty and it cuts like a dream.
I got it on HSN and I still think it's still available if anyone is interested.

Click on the link to get the Holographic vinyl
I just had to add a little sparkle on my New machine with the Holographic vinyl's that is
on SALE on the Cricut website.

I used the Opal and blue. The one in the middle looks like red but it's not,
it's rose pink. It's sooo pretty in person and is
easy to cut and apply to most anything, including glass or cards.
The best part is that it's removable, so if you need to change it you can.
Even though it's Cricut brand, you can use this in any cutting machine.
I have the Eclips machine also and it cuts beautifully.

It's really hard to take a good picture because of it being Holographic but
it's just gorgeous. You can see how it changes color.

Here's another close up of the blue. Soooo pretty!

This is the Dust cover that I made for my machine. I love butterflies
and just happened to have this in my stash. Yes, from years ago! lol
Oh, did I mention that I knew I would need this someday. haha
It was perfect for this project.
But wait until I tell you a little story
about my sewing adventure.

Yep, that's my first dust cover with all the bumble bee's on it.

Well, when I was in school and a lot younger, I took a class in sewing.
We were going to make an apron with a bib.
Not sure if they even have those anymore. haha
We had a full class and the teacher was busy helping others.
I didn't want to be late for my next class, so I delved right in and
started cutting it out. make a long story short, my
apron did NOT have a BIB. I can't remember now, but I must
have cut it without folding it or something.

So, when I wanted to make my Cricut dust cover, I just delved right in again.
This is the first one that I made and I didn't even noticed that it was extra long.
Yep, I sewed it all up and then looked at it and said, hmmmm what happened. 
Deja Vu! lol

Well, maybe Cricut will make a LONGER machine someday to fit it.
The bumble bee material is pretty with the black ends. Could I cut it in half??
I think I'll wait on that! lol

This picture perfect collection is another fine addition to Birds store.
I found the perfect frames for my next project. My daughter just came
back from her business trip through Amsterdam, Greece and I wanted
to showcase her pictures for her office wall.
The 6 x 6 shadow box flower frame were the perfect frame!

This is the set of three that I made for her.  Since she loves
browns and blacks, I thought I would use the paper pack from Craft Smith
called Typecraft. It was the perfect papers with the words and designs
along the edges.

First up is the Symi island and ancient ruins. I just tacked it lightly
so she can add her own picture in it. For the brads in the flowers, I used
Tim Holtz travel brads.

Up next is another one in the Symi Islands. Again, I just tacked the
picture in. I love how easy these shadow boxes were to assemble with
Birds video tutorial. Very quick to make. I did want to mention that the
flower buds are so cute and look so real. You can't see them much
in mine, but you can check them out in Birds original ones.

Up last is Amsterdam and I'm sure she will want me to make her
lots and lots of frames. :)

Happy with how they all turned out and can't wait for my daughter
to see them all. I know she will love them!!

This is a must have collection of beautiful frames and shadow boxes.
And it's on sale for a limited time.

click below to get this beautiful frame collection.
Picture Perfect Frame Collection

How about a Freebie from Dreaming Tree!
I think Spring is in the air in Apple Valley for sure. It's been in
the high 90's and all the fruit trees are smiling.
Love this set!
Click on the link below for this set.

Check out Dreaming Trees New Spring kit below.
Gorgeous Spring collection!

Well folks, that's it for another fine day.
I hope that I've inspired you with all the lovely picture shadow boxes
and my funny story.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Bunny Easel Card Plus Egg Cards

Hi my crafty friends!
Here comes the Easter Bunnies, hopping down the Easter trail to bring
you a great Big smile.

 I just had to make these cute little
bunnies. And, it's an Easel card that sits up so pretty on display.
This darling card was so fun to make and super simple to assemble.
I added a butterfly cutout that I made awhile back. It fit
just perfect and the color was right on. I had fun using some of my
embossing folders on the vest and bows.
Mix and match your colors for that perfect Easter card.

MyScrapchick is having a $1.00 SALE going on right now. Don't miss it!!!
Click on the link below
The Bunny Easel Card

Are they TOO cute or what!!!

Here comes the Easter eggs!!!!
Yes, these lovely Scallop Layered eggs are cards with pretty flowers and they can
be displayed so gorgeous. I used lilac and shades of purple with
green and white accents. The embossing is the small dotted folder, but as you
will see, I used many folders and also colors.

You can get this card on Sale also for 1.00 from MyScrapChick.

Egg Card
Click on the link below

I used Tim Holtz distress ink on the petals and added rhinestones.
I suppose I could have made these into a pin corsage also. Hmmmm
Wouldn't these be pretty to make a pin corsage on the egg card? So many ideas
are running through my head.
A really fun card to make and decorate for
someone special.

Next up is this pretty yellow, purple and white egg card. As you can
see I used another embossing folder and this one was Anna Griffin.
Instead of the flowers I made a rose corsage pin that fit perfectly
into the arrow slot near the bottom of the card.
 After they receive the card, they will have a nice rose pin to wear.
I love it!
Here's the backing clasp on the Rose pin.
I just hot glued it to the back.

Next up is my pretty pink, green and white egg card.
This is another one that I added  the rose pin to.
You can use so many different embossing folders and have fun
making these unique Easter cards.
Close up of the Rose pin. They are so fun and easy
and make these Easter cards very special.

Up last and my Favorite one since I love burgundy. Do you see
something different on this egg card? Well, I added the heart
cutouts in eCal and used a Rose embossing folder. I also attached
the glittered burgundy rose pin.
I really love this one!
See, you can make these darling egg cards with so many different
colors and embossing folders. A very unique card for someone
special on your list. I don't think I will part with this one! smile

Close up of glittered Rose pin.

How about a FREE YUMMY Cupcake Wrapper & Pick!
Dreaming Tree!

Hey, you could use the darling pink flower pick and make it into a pin to add
on the Egg Card. Smile
Click on the link

That's it folks for another fine day in my crafting room.
I hope that I've inspired you to make these really fun and unique cards.
Have a wonderful weekend!